From a young age,

she was trained.

Through violence, terror, silence and rage.

On what was right,

and how to behave.

I learned, I tried, I failed to engage,

The love of my mother- who loved another.

My sibling, my enemy, my blood, my brother.

I learned, I tried, I failed to engage

The respect from a father,

A stark patriarch who couldn’t be bothered.

It is dark.

I run and hide in the trees.

He doesn’t notice, I am but 1 of 3

I jump and fall,

Scrape down the bark.

My life is stark.

My skin bleeds.

Forget my needs

My life ruined by their deeds.

Reciting the Nicaean Creed.

Why did they decided to breed?

I want my agony to begin to recede

How to begin

This help I need

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